A Letter to Our Volunteers – March 14, 2016

Community Link Has Banner Year in 2015…Changes Needed to Allow Even Greater Support in 2016

2015 was a banner year for the Saginaw Community Link Center…they served over 800 thousand pounds of food to NW Tarrant County residents, an increase of over 265 thousand pounds from the amount of food supplied in 2014.  The Center also provided support to approximately 24 thousand people…an increase of over 4000 people supported in 2014.  One area that is hampering the effectiveness of Community Link to provide even more food is the ability to accurately predict the number of volunteers that are available for Friday afternoon and Saturday morning sessions.

In order to meet the growing demand and provide as much food as possible to the community, on Saturday the 30th of April, only people who have signed up on the Community Link web site will be able to volunteer.  When asked why this policy was being implemented, Bob Stevens, President of the Board, stated “in order for the organization to be as effective and efficient in providing food as possible, we need to know how many volunteers we will have on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings.”  An example of why signing up is important is recently over 9300 pounds of food was delivered to Community Link on a Friday afternoon.  Due to not having any volunteers signed up to support Saturday morning activities, the center was unable to plan to open the “Community Market“ on Saturday and provide the food to the local community.  Ironically they had over 30 volunteers show up the next morning.  “Had we known the level of volunteer support, we could have provided that food to those in need” said Karen Fuller, Executive Director.  “While we would like to continue to allow people to just come by…we need to know how many volunteers we will have in advance so we can plan accordingly” added Mr. Stevens.

The new sign-up policy takes effect on Saturday, the 30th of April and is only for Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings.  People interested in volunteering are asked to sign up at www.Community-Link.org.  Volunteers 13 to 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or adult and children under 13 are not allowed in the warehouse area.

“We have great volunteers in the local community…and know they will understand and embrace this request to help us feed the people in need” said Stevens.